Commands Battle

Every Hoku has 4 different skills and each skill has it own commands. The command will be 1 group for every 4 order. If two or more skills are successfully input in succession, you can carry out Combo attacks at the same time.

In team edit, the [Best Command] can trigger the team uses to maximize the skills.


Hoku and their skills have 4 types of nature: Fire, Wood, Earth, Water; the natures relationship is as follows:

Fire against Wood, Wood against Earth, Earth against Water, Water against Fire

Attacking with advantage nature can deal damage with 120%; Being attacked with advantage nature can reduce damage to 80%.

Physical/Magical skills

Skills have 2 types: physical and magical. Physical skills use their own attack power (ATK) and opponents defense (DEF) to calculate the damage; Magical skills use their own magical attack power (MATK) and opponents magical defense (RES) to calculate the damage.

FEVER Attack

Tapping command will increase FEVER charge, FEVER charge will boost up if more demanding orbs type from team members.

When FEVER over 100, it will pop up a FEVER orb. Tap this orb to gain an extra attack. Extra attack power is the sum of tapped orbs within time.


When Hoku is attacked by some skills, or after using some skills, following status will appear:

Poison: Lose HP equal to 6% of Max HP at the end of turn

Paralysis: Cannot cast any skill

Chaos: Randomly select a target

Reflex damge to attacker

Gain a survies with 1 HP buff

Prevent damage on next attack

Prevent damage if disadvantage

Next attack critical

Deals 200% Atk to target gain condition

Immunity debuff effect

It must frist target on opponent

When Hoku is attacked by some skills, or after using some skills, following abilities buff/debuff will appear:

Abilities Buff:

Boost ATK

Boost DEF

Boost MATK

Boost RES

Boost Hit Rate

Boost Block Rate

Boost Critical Hit Rate

Abilities Debuff:

Reduce ATK

Reduce DEF

Reduce MATK

Reduce RES

Reduce Hit Rate

Reduce Block Rate

Reduce Critical Hit Rate


LP like Hokus life, each Hoku has been given a fixed LP since birth; 1 LP will be lost when Hoku suffers fatal damage in battle. When LP fell to 0, it will not disappear from the world, but all abilities will become 1.

When Hoku is used in breeding, it lost 1 [Maximum LP].



An offspring can be born through a breeding of any two Hoku with a maximum LP 2 or above. Their offspring has half a chance same as one of the predecessors, this can be controled by using [Genus Stone], so players can breed the selected genus.


There are five hidden values in Hoku abilities, called [Potentials], which are represented by crowns of gold, silver and copper. The higher potential of Hoku, abilities will rise more as level-up.

Through the appearance of Hoku eggs, players can estimate the potentials of the Hoku in egg in the descending order as follows: Rainbow > Platinum > Gold > Silver > Normal.

Potentials Inheritance

Each of the predecessors will only inherit the highest potential value of one ability to the offspring. The rest that did not inherit will be randomly determined according to the Hoku genus. The use of [Ability Stone] will allow the remaining abilities to get the potential of golden crown level.

Skills Inheritance

Once the genus of offspring is decided by using Genus Stone, you can select the skills you want to inherit from the skills of the predecessor with the same genus by using [Skill Stone].

Preview and Respawn

After getting a new egg, by using [Max Preview], you can preview the max abilities of the Hoku. The gray pentagon is the ability limits of genus, the yellow is the ability of Hoku when maximum level. Proper breeding has a chance to give birth to Hoku that can break the ability limits. You can also reroll all uninherited skills and abilities through [Respawn].


Players can hatch the eggs in hatchery or clan hatchery, according to the rarity of eggs, incubation time are also different; there are more efficient but limited number of incubators in the clan hatchery; personal hatchery hatch slower, but it can be done immediately by using gems or accelerate by watching video.

Breeding Market


Players have powerful Hoku and want to share to others, we have breeding market, release it after setting the renting price on the market, waiting for other players to pay, then your Hoku can lend to others for one time breeding; fees will be charged for each post, then the Hoku stay on the market for 24 hours.


When players need more Hoku for breeding, players can search Hoku from the breeding market. After paying the rent to the owner, you can rent the Hoku for one time breeding.


Clan Level

Clan level-up to unlock more members limit, more clan skills and moe clan incubators; clan experience is need in clan leveling up, when clan members loot trophies in PVP invasion, more trophies are looted, more clan experience will be rewarded.

Clan Skill

All clan members will automatically get all clan skills effect, and clan members can donate coins on clan skills to level-up them, higher level skills provide greater skills effect, and the maximum skill level is 15.


Invading Battle

Players can challenge other players in invading battle, players can choose a invading target from four and then consume a invasion count to invade. Winner will loot trophies but loser will loss trophies, the number of trophies gain or loss is according to the number of trophies difference between battle players.

Additional trophies bonus are given when players win in a row, up to 7 winning battle.

Players also have a chance to be invaded when they are offline, computer will replace your role when you are invaded; if you can defend successfully, you gain trophies. If you are fail to defend, you lose trophies.

Real-time Battle

In real-time battle, players simply click "Pair", will send a battle request to other idle online players, once any player accept to fight, they will enter the real-time battle.

Capture Hoku

In real-time battle, one hoku in team which defeated will have a chance of being captured by winner, the captured Hoku will be imprisoned for 4 hours, players can free this captured Hoku instantly by watching a video.

Team that Hoku is captured can start a Rescue Battle to rescue the captured Hoku instantly after they win the battle.

When the team that Hoku is captured is belong to any clan, that clan members will receive the Rescue Battle request too. If any clan member successfully rescue members Hoku, that member will receive trophies as a reward.

The captured Hoku will be imprisoned in the breeding house, which can be used for one time breeding.