"Hoku Warriors: Battle Lords" version 2.0 is officially launched

"Hoku Warriors: Battle Lords" has launched version 2.0 updates on iOS and Android platforms globally, including combat system, breeding system, mission system and the game interface are totally revised. In order to thank the players for their support and to commemorate the game revision, the first three celebration events will be started as follow:

[Capture Secret Hoku] Challenging event quest "Parazard Chase" have opportunity to capture the event limited Hoku "Parazard";

[Recruiting New Hoku Everyday] A special quest will be daily renewed so you will be able to form the strongest team with various Hoku;

[First Week Double Bonus] Player will get tons of coins, gems and special items when you log in to the game in the first week after launch

In addition to the game interface is completely new, Hoku breeding method has also evolved. Now in breeding, it will show the abilities that is inherited to next generations, and can select the skills that need to be inherited through items. In addition, the new preview function combine with the pentagonal chart showing the maximum abilities value of Hoku. Then the result of breeding can be instantly known that making it easier for players to develop the strongest team.

In addition, the player can get a lot of coins and gems rewards every day through the missions and get the Hoku eggs in daily missions. Moreover, through the daily Hoku special quest, Hoku are more easily obtained for breeding. So that players can form more diversified team through dungeons.

"Hoku Warriors: Battle Lords" fully integrates the pet collection, breeding and battle in the game. Players who love pet PVP game should not miss it. Now download the "Hoku Warriors: Battle Lords"! An exciting adventure is waiting for you to experience!