"Hoku Warriors: Battle Lords" released in iOS and Android platforms! Let`s start a new battle with Hoku!

"Hoku Warriors: Battle Lords has been recently released in both iOS and Android platforms. This game provides a variety of new ways for players to interact with each other, challenge the dungeon, PVP invasion, real-time battle, clans, Hoku trading market...etc. Allowing players to cultivate the strongest Hoku as a goal.

Players can breed two Hoku and then hatch a new generation, this new generation not only ability to inherit to their parents, and easier to learn rare moves, players continue to upgrade and breeding Hoku, in order to obtain the strongest one, helping players to form the strongest team. Through invasion, loop trophies from other players; players can also form a clan, together against other players with your clan members.

In addition, the game does not set any gacha system, players in get Hoku eggs in dungeon, and even capture other players Hoku in real-time battle, use it to breed rare Hoku. Players can also buy and sell Hoku for breeding in market. Keep an eye on market, you can buy rare Hoku for breeding your own warrior with a fair price.