"Hoku Warriors: Battle Lords" Total number of breeding more than 5000!

After "Hoku Warriors: Battle Lords" launched for one week, the total number of Hoku breeding times in server has exceeded 5000! There has also been the birth of 5000 new Hoku warriors in the world! To celebrate this event, development team will send "LP Potion x5" to all players on 6 January as a celebration raward! Players can receive this reward in the mailbox. Let`s continue to breed more and more Hoku, ready for the upcoming Clan War!

For bringing players a better gaming experience, the development team has always been concerned about the player`s feedback, so the game immediately make the following optimizations and fixes:
  1. 1. Optimize the battle scenes, all scenes become more gorgeous;
  2. 2. Optimize data download file size;
  3. 3. Fixed part of the Android devices white screen problem;
  4. 4 Fixed the desert scene texture problem;
  5. 5. Fixed the button dislocation problem in exile function.