"Hoku Warriors" announce the linkage details with "Hoku Warriors: Battle Lords"

"Hoku Warriors" and the new game "Hoku Warriors: Battle Lords" there are linked features. Hoku who has breeded to level 10 or above and evolved to mature state in “Hoku Warriors”, can pass through the castle gate to the new world in "Hoku Warriors: Battle Lords"!

The castle gate will be officially opened on January 31! All Hoku masters should train Hoku during this time because Hoku five personalities will affect the combat stats after they becomed warriors, it includes: Creativity affects physical attack, Leadership affects health point, Sociability affects magical attack, Kindness affects magical defence, Endurance affects physical defence. When this five personalities are upgraded, Hoku will be able to take advantage of the battle and help you climb the leaderboard to a higher position!